the Falcons are honoring a convicted dogfighter who profited from cruelty to animals for years

This is not to say anyone should feel sorry for Vick. Hes not a victim in any way. But he has paid for his crimes. He career, his reputation and his legacy all suffered. He’ll always be tied to his misdeeds. He suffered the due consequences of his actions.

He paid his debt according to the law, so any further punishment is essentially vigilante justice on our part.

I think at some point in your life, you have to forgive, Vick said Sunday about fans who still boo him. I’m just thankful there’s a lot of people here in this organization, in this city there’s a lot of people who have forgave me and gave me an opportunity to show a different side of myself. I’m just thankful that I got a lot of supporters, and that’s all you can ask for.

Not everyone agrees, obviously, as evidenced by the petition that asked the Falcons not to invite Vick to Sundays game. More than 30,000 people signed.

By inviting Michael Vick to participate in a ceremony on Sunday, the Falcons are honoring a convicted dogfighter who profited from cruelty to animals for years, the page reads. Please sign this petition and let the Falcons know that NFL fans do not support Vick and do not condone his actions.

The Raiders and the NFL are going to get Vegas to give them a stadium steelers_036one way or another. Just not the billionaire casino boss paying for one-third of it way. But you never know: Another billionaire casino boss could always pop up and take the place of the first one.

Someone’s always lining up to give rich NFL owners something. As it was pointed out here just a day ago, owners get what they want, by whatever means they see fit.

By NFL standards, the Raiders’ Mark Davis isn’t even that rich. The two Super Bowl owners, Arthur Blank and Robert Kraft, make him look like a guy running the corner bodega by comparison. Yet, according to one account of the negotiations, Davis made a brazen money grab that, if (or when) it succeeds, will make him the envy of Blank, Kraft and all their fellow owners.

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